Welcome to The Miracle League of Joplin

We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities. What we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our National pastime - baseball.

Children with Disabilities Play Baseball

Play Baseball

So, you wanna play some baseball?

Any child with disabilities ages 5 to 20 years old will be eligible to play Miracle League baseball. Games are played on a custom field with a flat, rubberized surface to help prevent injuries. In games every player bats once each inning, all players are safe on the bases, and every player scores a run.

Adult Participant up to Bat at Miracle League Baseball Game

Adult League

Spring Adult League will also begin on Saturday, April 6, with no games played on Memorial Day weekend.

Miracle League Volunteer Helps Player Around Bases

Volunteer Opportunities

So, you wanna volunteer?

There are numerous opportunities to help out with the Miracle League of Joplin. Volunteer positions include: Buddies, Coaches, Merchandise Stand Workers, and Fundraisers. Are you ready to make a difference in a child's life? Become a Volunteer.

The Joplin Miracle League Needs Sponsors to Be a Success

Become a Sponsor

So, you wanna be a sponsor?

There are many sponsorship opportunities for The Miracle League of Joplin. The cost to run the Miracle League each year will be approximately $35,000. Player dues will only cover a small percentage, so we will need YOUR assistance to make the Miracle League of Joplin a success!